Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today I Am Thankful For

Hello All,
My scrapping mojo has gone AWOL again, so instead, I am sharing with you today what I am thankful for right now:
1. God
2. Beautiful, fun, fantastic, funny, gorgeous, caring friends
3. Miracles
4. Cameras (mine is away being repaired.... maybe it took my mojo with it! Anyway, I am dying to have it back... I feel like I am missing a limb)
5. Sunshine and blue skies!
What are you thankful for today?
Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. I hope you find your mojo soon.Take care Kerry xx

  2. great thankful list, it so good to reflect on those things and not take them for granted.

    hope your scrapping soon.

  3. I hope your mobile come's a knockin' soon too!! Your Cutie Pie lo will be out soon hey? Yay! I think I'm in the issue after that. It's good how you know when it's coming out... I've been waiting since Jan for my SM layout to come out!!

    I'm thankful for God too. :D

    Have a great weekend Fresh stuff!!! :D

  4. always so good to stop and think of things to be greatful for hey!! Missing you over at been busy or something? Miss not seeing all your happy comments! Hope all ok.....I know, LIFE so often gets in the way hey!!
    x x x x x

  5. Hi Freshie!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and also in the gallery on my "Happy" lo. What would I do without you? Maybe have no comments! lol! Seriously though, I really appreciate it. :D I'm guessing your scrapping mojo is still AWOL. I hope it's not infectious, as maybe mine will go AWOL with you gone! :O I'll just plug away in the meantime I s'pose! :D



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