Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Email

Hello Friends,
I got an exciting email from Scrapbook Creations this morning, accepting my 'Mini Explorer' LO for publication in the Wire and String Gallery in Issue 87. I'm stoked!! I don't think I ever put it up in a post on here, because I can't seem to find it! But what do you think of my 'removed for publication' picture, that I made specially?!I am dying for Issue 84 to come out, because that will be my first LO in print.... hanging out to see it!
Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. doing the biggest happy dance for you!!!!
    That is SUPER DUPA exciting.
    Love that out of publication sign :)

  2. Love your sign! Yay! How cool is it that we both got happy mail from SC? Yay! Have you seen my sign? It's like a test pattern. I haven't had to use it for my Adorable layout because it wasn't on my blog - I had scrapped it before I started my blog! So you never know when you might get an email from SC saying they want a lo! Funny hey?! Take care, Freshie! xxx

  3. I'm so excited for you Catie....woo're awesome!!!!
    that pic is incredible too..amazing colours! Hope your doing well my friend x x

  4. Woo hoo Catie! Well done! I also have recently had a couple of lo's accepted for publishing (my first!), so understand your excitement. I have to wait a little longer though (issue 86). Will be checking yours out for sure!

  5. hiya my friend.......just wanted to let you know... I'M STILL MISSING YOU!!!! Hope everything is going ok in ur corner!! Will we catch you at the CC 2morro?? take care! x x

    {I can send you my phone # if you ever wanna chat!!?}

  6. Congrats on the pub Catie missing your happy face at Bons i hope all is okay.Take care Kerry xx


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