Monday, March 1, 2010

My goals for this week: PROGRESS REPORT

Hello all,

I'm putting my to do list on here to try and make me a little more acountable; here 'tis in no particular order:

1. Run at least one whole lap of the local footy oval Well, didn't get to the footy oval, but did do 5 laps of 3 tennis courts side by side... does that count? Plus several big bike rides around the country side...
2. Complete at least one March challenge over at
Bon's Scraps Done! This is the one I did for the Room of the Month Challenge...

3. Get at least 3 party bookings for March No joy so far.... not for lack of trying lol. Will keep trying...

4. Make 5 b'day cards Well, I got 2 done... will be doing another one tonight...

5. Make cards for display at my parties Done - these were made using all CM papers and embellies etc...

6. Empty my washing basket again ready for a new week (urgh)
Done, and ironed.... already back to starting over again for the new week! Argh, it really is never ending!!!

7. Lose 1kg (I don't really care where I lose it, so long as it's no longer attached to me!!) Grrr... fail! Still trying!! Hopefully netball training will help to shift some kgs!!

So, there you have it... I got done most of what I wanted to do, and have also managed to clean the house from top to toe and clean out and re-arrange the kitchen cupboards, as well as cleaning my craft room up and putting everything away to boot!! Overall, a pretty productive week.

Just before I go, here's a pic of my DS holding some artwork he made at kindy today... he's turning 4 on Friday!! I cannot believe how grown up he is getting to be!!!

Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. love lists!! I hope you get it all done.
    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving gorgeous comments :) x

  2. OH I know you can do it Catie!!!Just think how much better you are going to feel!

  3. Well done in achieving most of your list :) Love the pic of DS and his gorgeous painting!!

  4. Looks you have achieved a lot this week. Love your Tears in Heaven LO.

  5. Love your ROTM challenge Catie...very arty! :)


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