Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings - why do I scrap??

Afternoon all,

Gosh today is going quickly; not that I am doing anything particular that would make it seem to be going so fast...

I have however, been looking at previous layouts.... REALLY looking at them... my different styles, and techniques as they vary from page to page, and reading the journalling and studying the photos... and it all got me to thinking - "this is why I scrap". Reading back over the journalling and reminiscing on why I took the photo in the first place... it's really given me such a sense of achievement and reminded me of beautiful moments that would otherwise have faded into the oblivion of memory land.

I not only love the memory preservation side of scrapping, but also the craft side - trying out new techniques and challenges, being inspired by so many people and sources and attempting so many different things, whilst managing to put my own spin on them at the same time.

I am sooooo looking forward to photographing these babies when they're born and having so many gorgeous photos to scrap and begin recording their journies in life too!

Why do you scrap???

Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. I love looking at my pages too. I scrap because I like to capture the 'moment' of my boys, and also simply because I love to cut and glue bits of paper.
    Not long now till bubs come.

  2. yep i totally agree Catie! scrapping is preserving the memories as well as creativity.. it is my therapy, my time out.. my addiction..and i have made so many scrap pals in the internet too as i learn from so many wonderful talents out there..
    and thanks for poppin into my little blog.. and to answer your question about subbing.. i subbed about 30 layouts last year.. none were picked up.. i did get shortlisted for a cover and i sent off my precious layout, wrapped in bubble wrap in a lovely new pizza box.. and got it back in some crappy box.. NO BUBBLE WRAP or protection.. saying this isn't what we want at this time.. and so i have not subbed this year to anyone..i thought if they cant be bothered putting my layout back how i had it then i don't want my layouts wrecked thank you.. and i have heard about people subbing to the masters and getting their stuff back with bits missing or broken off.. so at the moment i have not subbed this year.. and sometimes i wonder why some layouts get published and some absolutely beautiful ones don't.. but i am enjoying having a blog and reading the comments and sharing my scrapping this way...
    so happy scrapping!!xx

  3. I like to scrap because it's so much fun - it's like a journey or ride creating a page! I also like to preserve the memories too... lol. So I don't do many "generic" pages - I like to tell fun stories... etc. :D

  4. afternoon Catie....but you won't be reading it this afternoon CAUSE YOU'VE JUST HAD YOUR BUBBYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm soooooooo super duper excited for you!!!! Guess we won't see you for a bit as your hands will be super busy for the next few.....YEARS! LOL ;)
    so blessed for you, and I'm really hoping you will be swamped with help from friends & family!!!!
    I scrap because its my ME TIME, my CREATIVE time and I just feel so content when using the gifts God has given me! Its almost like having a baby, (kinda lol), idea is formed, beginnings planted then the construction gets underway.....and pretty soon, out pops a LO! ;D
    haa haa haaaaaaaa
    hoping to 'chat' soon!
    take care of yourself too my friend, (and you know all this...) but without you at your best, then your lil ones can't be at their best!
    luv ya!

  5. Well said Catie! I love to scrap for the same reasons. To preserve memories for future generations. I am so glad I discovered this craft :0)


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