Monday, January 31, 2011

Photos to share

Evening All,
Yesterday we took my FIL out to Bool Lagoon, which is not far from where we live, to have a looksee at the lagoon when it has water in it. When we went out there in July, it was bone dry, but after all the rain we had during December and January, it is now all but full and teeming with bird life again. It truly is spectacular out there, and well worth the trip in the heat... here are a few of the 100-odd photos I took...

See the froggie??

This photo below is of the flower part of the dried thistles floating on top of the water. I thought it looked just beautiful... kind of like dozens of stars in the sky...
Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. Awesome photos Catie!!! My fave is the flowers floating on the water - that's one of those "blowy" sort of things isn't it? And I think you have a dragonfly crush! :D

    Great photography, girlie!

  2. wow i love these.. but my fav is the dragon fly.. what a wonderful camera you must have.. have fun with it!!xx

  3. Catie these are just gorgeous photos!! I love your interpretation of the dandelion fluff!
    I think I may have to pay a visit to that pool when I come to Naracoorte!

  4. Hi again, Catie! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D Love your new photo on your avatar thingy - it's really pretty! Your hair looks lovely! Hope you're well! :D

  5. wow these pics sure do bring back memories .. when I lived at Naracoorte the "Bool Lagoon" was always full and teaming with beautiful bird life and latter years it has been slowly dying.... how wonderful to see it alive again ...thanks so much for this .... and also thanks for your lovely comments on my blog .. hope you are well .. big hugz x

  6. Wow Catie, awesome photos!! I haven't been to Bool Lagoon in years! It is looking really good out there!! :)


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