Friday, July 9, 2010

New Start

This week, I've been feeling kind of heavy, and dreary and dull.
I have been battling with being a mum, and, if I am completely honest with myself, being a SAHM... not having intellectual adult conversations everyday (no, not even with DH) and feeling like the only word my children know at the moment is 'Mummy'. I have, however been fortunate enough to receive some very nourishing soul food through worship and time with some amazing God-loving people who are so intoxicated with His love, it's contagious!
And this evening, I read
this and it has smacked me right on the front of my head, that I have NO reason to feel dreary and dull and weighed down by the beautiful gift and 'job' I am ever so fortunate to possess. It is so inspiring to read Kelle's blog. In light of this and of my amazing worship experiences this week, I have decided it is time to turn over a new leaf... make a new start as a mum, and really look at the things I appreciate in my children and my family and myself as a mother and wife. It is time to really start living in the moment and focussing on the important things in my life, that I have been taking for granted and very wrongly perceiving as burdensome. I am going to take a photo everyday of the things I am grateful for, and though I may not upload everyday, I will share them from time to time, and will, over time compile them in a very special scrapbook, to share with my family and friends. Here's to a new me!!
Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo


  1. Of a morning, Ive started asking God to help me notice the small miracles in each day, I think that its helping me to stop and take a breath my announcing what I want out loud. I still have those crazy days where is I hear mum another time I will pack leave and join a real circus but it helps just to slow me down and search for the tiny miracles.

  2. Oh I sooo love reading that blog too! Its one of my favs...I know how you feel Catie...I have been feeling like that too! Thanks so much for the reminder and best wishes to the "new you"!

  3. great to have found a fellow sista in amongst our wonderful craft we share!!! God is so amazingly true! Love that you're taking those photos each day, we have sooo much to be greatful for, we do take it for granted hey!!
    I think every single one of us feel the same at times about our lives as mothers etc...but am so greatful that God is always there, helping me with my pathetic little cries for help in troubled times!!! I've been going through somewhat the same as you Catie, tho our kids are in their teens.....and these times will pass... but without the grace and mercy of God I don't know where I would be!!
    Will have to check out that blog you were mentioning!
    catch ya over at Bons....mwah
    nic x

  4. I just love that blog too. Sure makes you enjoy the small things.
    You are doing really well...from another SAHM ... I know what you are going thru!!!


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