Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello everyone!
Can you believe it is only an hour and a half to go before 2009 ends, and we embark on the New Year that is 2010?! 2009 has just gone by soooo fast for me, I can hardly believe any of it is actually real.
I am very excited about the beginning of a new year... I always have a feeling of anticipation for all the possibilities that it holds and the promise of a fresh start. I know there's no special magic that wipes the slate clean or makes everything brand new, and that one day just continues to follow the other, but I really feel like there is a special feeling at the beginning of a new year... know what I mean?
Well, these are the last few cards I made in 2009, plus a little OTP project I did this week to hang on the door of my Craft Corner. I have also added a heap of pictures of Karen Burow Paintings to the slide show at the bottom of the page - check them out; they're FANTASTIC!!
I wish you all a very Happy New Year, filled with happiness, blessings, love, joy and many, many special memories. May 2010 be everything you are hoping for and more!

Thanks for looking. Warmest wishes, Catie xo

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